5 tips to attract influencer's attention!


Influencer marketing is the all-in-one tool that will enable a brand to increase its notoriety, gain visibility and even generate more sales. Thanks to the passion micro influencers put into their work and the brands they collaborate with, they're the best possible brand ambassadors to achieve all the aforementioned goals. 

However, the social media landscape is quickly becoming saturated, and most brands have by now caught up to the fact that influencer marketing is an indispensable tool. In the face of growing competition, being able to attract micro influencers and generate a link between them and your brand is fundamental for the success of any strategy.

In this article, Hivency is sharing 5 tips to attract micro influencer's attention and thus give way to more collaborations. 

Have a curated social media presence

It's necessary to take good care of your enterprise's social media accounts. This will incite influencers to discover your brand and be interested in your products and/or services. When a content creator is interested in a brand, he will most likely try to create an association with her through partnerships.

The best fit for a collaboration on social media is when the brand image and the influencer's image are in accordance. Through a collaboration, the brand's image is at stake, but also that of the content creator's. Whatever values the content creator stands for and the editorial line he or she has chosen must be in agreement with those of the brand


Be involved with the influencer's work

If being present in social media is absolutely essential, showing the influencer that you appreciate his work is equally important. There are many different ways to show your appreciation: commenting his publications, sharing his content on your own profile while sharing your opinion, complimenting him, showing you're close to what he does and what he represents. 

You would do well to step into the creator's shoes to understand his identity, his worries and his objectives. Once the collaboration is over, don't ever forget to thank him. The better relationship you have with content creators, the easier it will be to transform them into brand ambassadors.

Reuse your influencer's content

Don't hesitate to reuse the content of the influencers with whom you've already collaborated! This will spark interest in other content creators. Use the content for your own brand's blog, for your newsletter, for your ad-campaigns... Be daring and innovative!

Offer him your products and/or services

Freely send your products to the influencer so he can talk about them on his social media. The community that follows the influencer has an enormous trust placed on his product recommendations. At certain periods of the year, such as the Christmas Holidays, you can propose in an original manner your selection of products or services. For instance, you can propose your product in the format of an advent calendar, or propose a product for a giveaway, etc. 

Piece of advice: don't forget to send a small personal token with the product. Consider influencers as you would consumers, you want the experience to be as enjoyable and personalized as possible. 

Do meet and greets

In order to attract an influencer and establish a close relationship, some real-life conversations and physical closeness are necessary. Don't hesitate to go meet them when they organize meet and greets, or do meet ups, conferences...

Collaborations are always easier when there's a good relationship between all parts that makes them eager to work together! 

Following these 5 tips you're perfectly equipped to start attracting influencers and launch the influencer campaign of your dreams!


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