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Social networks are now predominant, being on social media is no longer a question. The biggest problem is HOW to use them and optimize their use. The sport industry is becoming more and more visual. Consumers want something beautiful, something that will appear in their Instagram feed and whose link you can find on TikTok and YouTube. You have to adapt and offer content proving the effectiveness of your products, but also highlighting its aesthetic side. 

Quite complicated to set up when you're not a content creator…

Influencers have this creativity and a unique personality that will allow you to get noticed and have content to repost on your social networks. Why not create your own influence campaign? Because now, we know that micro and nano influencers have a relationship with their community that leads them towards more trust and more conversion into sales.

Instagram is your first ally

Surely one of the most visual social networks, Instagram remains the photo platform that plays the most on aesthetics. The ideas for micro-influencer campaigns remain endless. The American company offers a lot of features : post, carousel, reels, stories, igtv, guides, lives, surveys, quizzes… which can be requested as part of a brand partnership. Indeed, when creating your campaign brief, do not hesitate to be precise in your request, this will not hamper the creativity of the influencer but will guide him towards your visual identity and your desire. Once the content has been created, you will be able to use it for your own social networks. 

Thus, you can request a publication accompanied by a series of 5 unboxing stories, or feedback stories over time ... Writing the brief is the most important part, it is this that will allow good results, and will allow the conversion to purchase. Indeed, 40% of genZ and genY have already purchased a product after seeing a post on social networks.

TikTok will give you visibility

More and more famous, more and more used by brands and individuals, TikTok is now very important in the landscape of social networks. The door to virality opens to you when creating micro and nano influence TikTok campaigns. Within hours or days, your products can be discovered by millions of consumers. TikTok is present in over 150 countries

Also known for its incredible algorithm, the social network offers videos that correspond to each of its users, optimizing virality! 

Again, during a TikTok campaign, the brief can be complete in order to have videos that fit perfectly with what you want.


Progression takes time! @wildboybrett69 you made this look effortless at the end 🤯💪Tag us in your lifts! ##gymshark ##lifting ##deadlift

♬ original sound - Gymshark


YouTube will set you up for the long haul

Anchored in the landscape for several years now, YouTube is still performing well, representing 37% of internet traffic, as are campaigns micro and nano influence on the social network. With the possibility of creating more elaborate and longer videos, YouTube will allow your target to discover your products in the long term : haul, then try on, vlogs with your products… Making brand partnerships on this video platform still works! Micro and nano influencers are more and more on the platform and maintain a bond of trust and advice with their community. Why deprive yourself of it?

Other communication channels relevant to sports brands

Consumer reviews will trigger the act of buying

More and more consumers are looking at consumer reviews before buying a product. However, most brands don't pay attention to reviews posted on websites, or even their own. This is why some platforms can help you create rating and reviews campaigns. These campaigns allow consumers to discover new products and form an opinion, and it allows the brand to collect quality reviews from consumers. Hivency can help you create these campaigns! 

Blogs arouse envy

They are there from the beginning and continue to generate traffic, blogs are widely consulted. Allying the consumer opinion and the visual part, blogs allow consumers to read more structured and deeper opinions. These provide good visibility but also create envy through brand partnerships. Influencers and brands create a relationship of trust over time, resulting in collaborations that improve

Using social networks as part of your marketing strategy is essential. Consumers like the relationship that is created between the brand and the micro or nano influencer, by carrying out long-term campaigns, it is more beneficial for everyone : the more we hear about a product or a brand, the more we will think about it for the act of purchase. 

However, each sector must adapt its strategy. You can find our tips on our marketing blog for :


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Photo Credit: UNSPLASH/ David Hofmann


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