Snapchat adopts a Marketplace for brands and influencers

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Snapchat, an application dedicated to sharing stories and instant photos, will soon celebrate its tenth anniversary. In 10 years, this media has maintained its position in the hearts of the Y and Z generations, despite the fact that it is strongly challenged by Instagram and TikTok. It is estimated that 69% of Snapchat users in the US are teenagers, which gives it a particularly young audience.

The launch of a platform for brands and influencers

On May 5, Snapchat announced the launch of a Marketplace for brands and influencers called "the Creators MarketPlace".

The objective? Allow influencers to get closer to their community by communicating more easily and quickly with them via the platform. This Marketplace is also useful for brands, which will be able to associate themselves with the influencers' profiles of their choice according to different criteria: budget, location, language, the center of interest…

Among them, you will find the Snap Stars, the most popular personalities of the platform, as well as the creators, developers, and partners of Lenses.

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As a reminder: What is a Lense?

Lenses are augmented reality effects added to Snaps that change the perception of the surrounding environment! These features can be used to add 3D effects, characters, and transformations.

They differ from Snapchat filters which are optical effects added to your photo to change its appearance (temperature, color, pattern...).

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Who can use it?

This feature is for all businesses associated with a select group of Lense Creators. For the moment, this new platform lets brands use popular influencers or Lense experts to modernize and add value to their products through the augmented reality experience.

Nevertheless, from the beginning of next year, the Marketplace will allow brands to contact all Creators and Snap Stars and collaborate with them via advertising campaigns or brand activations.

What are the benefits?

For a brand, the objective is to develop its notoriety and visibility on the social network thanks to the popularity and expertise of the platform's Creators. A good way to make a difference by creating original and creative content thanks to augmented reality.

Moreover, a brand that interacts on Snapchat ensures to reach a young audience that influencers know very well, which represents a way to boost its sales through partnerships or campaigns.

An opportunity to follow up closely for the brands wishing to develop on this network!

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