Discover the success story of Photosì in multiple countries simultaneously.


Learn how to develop ONE strategy adapted to a multi-market environment.


3 success factors to launch international micro influencer campaigns.

Ensuring the presence of a brand internationally is one of the main goals of companies that want to expand beyond their borders.

Unfortunately, this is a complicated task for marketers as each market has its own specificities. Teaming up with content creators and micro-influencers has proven to be a great way to cross borders.

In order to help professionals ensure the presence of their brand abroad, Hivency and Photosì have created a case study to give their best advice.

You will discover the success story of Photosì in multiple countries simultaneously, some success factors to launch international micro-influencer campaigns, but most importantly you will learn how to develop one strategy adapted to a multi market environment.

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About Photosì


PhotoSì is a company leader in the photography market in Italy and expanding in Europe. They have a presence in 8 countries and keep developing new markets.


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