Influencer Marketing: key data to know for 2021


The year 2020 has been key for influencer marketing: the sanitary crisis that has gripped the world has also changed our consuming habits, our way of communicating, of interacting with one another and even of marketing. 

All the underlaying trends have been accelerated in response to the demand of rapid adaptation the sanitary health crisis posed. 

After many overcome hardships and newly cemented habits, we're ready to share with you the 19 key points of the new year, thanks to which you'll be well prepared to launch your influencer marketing strategy in 2021!

Influencer Marketing 2021: global vision

Before going into the details and analysing the particularities of each social media in 2021, we want to provide you with a global assessment of the state of the industry at this time:

These numbers indicate that the influencer marketing industry is tilting towards campaigns that will be focused on small and medium influencer profiles.

We can also note that consumer reviews are now essential for any business. For 2021, the prediction is that more and more brands are going to collaborate with micro influencers (accounts with 5k to 100k followers). From now on, 50% of publications containing a product will have the hashtag  #ad. 


YouTube: the second most visited platform worldwide

YouTube remains one of the indispensable social medias for influencer marketing. It accounts 2 billion active users worldwide.

79% of Internet users have a YouTube account. This is an astoundingly large number, especially if we consider that it's not necessary to have a YouTube account to consume the video content. This means that most of YouTube's users wish to interact with the content posted on the platform.

YouTube keeps renovating itself this year with the launch of YouTube Shorts, a format very similar to that of Reels, TikTok and Snapchat Spotlight.

The app wants to be up-to-date with its competitors and maintain its attractiveness for consumers. YouTube makes the effort of incorporating trending formats that new generations appreciate to its content offer.

Instagram, marketer's favorite social media for influence campaigns

Instagram will continue being the social media of reference for influencer marketing in 2021, even if TikTok is breathing down its neck!

Indeed, 79% of marketers choose Instagram to launch their influencer marketing campaigns.

Many of the new 2021 trends will find a place to evolve on Instagram: collaborations with nano influencers, ambassador campaigns, the growth of social commerce thanks to the Instagram Store, dedicated campaigns to Reels and Guides...

Instagram is constantly evolving and offering new opportunities (as well as challenges) to brands.

TikTok: from rising star to supernova

TikTok has one billion active monthly users, an impressive number for such a young platform.

TikTok was created in 2016 and is now determined to become one of the social media platforms of reference.

The app presents a true threat to more mature social media platforms. In fact, TikTok's main competitors have already taken the measure of incorporating the TikTok format to their own platforms.

In 2020, the growing power of TikTok was a trend to keep an eye on. In 2021, counting on the app for influencer marketing campaigns will be a must.

Blogs : discreet but powerful

Blogs and written content continue to be a priority for marketers in 2021.

This is surely due to the fact that enterprises that publish at least 16 articles per month get 3.5 times the traffic and 4.5 times the leads that enterprises that publish less than 4 monthly articles.

To launch effective influencer marketing campaigns, you must be up to date with novelties, and keep an open mind in the face of new trends, formats and actors that may appear in the sector.

The 19 key points we've shared in this article will allow you to maximise your influencer marketing strategy for 2021.

Thanks to these key points, we can now assure that influencer marketing has become a fundamental branch of digital marketing.


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