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Phergal Laboratories, known mainly in Spain and internationally as Phergal Laboratorios, is a dermopharmaceutical company. As a client of the Hivency influencer platform, it communicates through micro-influencers for several of its leading brands in order to increase awareness throughout Europe and the world.

Since March 2021, in addition to this type of campaign, they have been running Ratings & Reviews campaigns. Today, they explain in a comprehensive case study why and what benefits they get from it.

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#1 - Consumer reviews: the marketing lever that strengthens consumer confidence in brands

A consumer review campaign consists of having loyal customers or consumers test products free of charge via an endowment on a review collection platform in exchange for a detailed written or audio or video review (200 characters minimum). Consumer reviews are a marketing tactic that brands should not overlook. More than an opportunity, it is now an essential marketing lever to be implemented as part of a marketing strategy. Some brands, such as those of the Laboratories Phergal group, even use it as a complement to influencer marketing campaigns to support a message and increase the visibility of a product.

Moreover, as María del Pino Navarro, CEO of PHERGAL Laboratories, explains

Maria del Pino Navarro

: "[...] Them. R&R campaigns are important for increasing sales conversion and positively providing product information. They serve for creating good product and brand images, raising awareness of product benefits and giving web visitors more detailed opinions/real experiences. We launch reviews campaign to help consumers know more and know better about how others feel about our products, and also to serve for our other digital marketing campaigns like SEO and generating valued web contents... etc."

#2: Re-launching your bestsellers thanks to consumer reviews

All products can be highlighted in the context of a consumer reviews campaign, whether for a launch, a relaunch or to boost the appeal of a flagship product, a bestseller. This is the strategy of the Phergal laboratories group, to focus on its best-sellers for 6 of its brands: Atashi, Clear Institute, Dr.Tree, Elifexir, Naturtint and Volumax.

Marina Cid Sánchez, Social Media Specialist at the Spanish company says: ‘‘At Phergal, we are focusing firstly on our bestsellers. We want to collect
reviews for these key products in order to keep pushing them, so that
when potential consumers arrive to their product pages they have all the
information as well as real experiences at their disposal to make their
purchasing decision. Nevertheless, we also want to do review campaigns
with products which we consider have a huge potential. In the future,
for example in summer we would like to launch with our star tanning
accelerator product Piel Canela as in summer people are in the mood to get
tanned skin color. Periodically we analyze for what products we are gonna
launch review campaigns.’’

In addition, the reviews will help to improve their ranking on Google, demonstrate their use to other consumers and provide an experience through the reviews to interested buyers.

#3: Collect consumer reviews on retailer sites

It's not just on its own website that a brand can solicit consumer reviews! With the help of a review platform such as Hivency, a brand can launch campaigns on up to 3 sites at once. The opportunity to get more reviews on reseller sites, for example El Corte Inglès, Carrefour, MiFarma, Farmav zquez DosFarma, Well's in Spain as well as Phergal Laboratories.

‘‘At Phergal we promote our products both on our e-commerce and on ourChen YUE
e-retailers sites. We distribute our cosmetic products with El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, MiFarma, Farmavázquez DosFarma, Well ́s, etc. They are all major Spanish and Portugues online retailer platforms. We are willing to
show them the campaign reviews so they also know that we are putting efforts for them to make our products look more reliable to consumers’’,
Chen Yue, Head of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce, PHERGAL Laboratories, explains.

#4: Transforming consumer opinions into communication tools

There are various operations that can be carried out after the review campaign and you should take advantage of these customer or consumer testimonials. In fact, you can very well reuse these reviews:

  • For your product sheets;
  • On your website, in a section designed to give consumers a voice;
  • On a billboard or in the windows of your sales outlets;
  • At an event or in stories on the web, as well as on your social networks;
  • In Social Ads like Phergal which according to Weishan Liu, Digital Marketing Specialist: ‘‘Reusing the reviews in social ads on Instagram is key for us. These perform better than the other ads. Also, we have perceived and increased the
    interactions of our community on Instagram thanks to these reviews.’’

#5: Create a link between the digital, marketing and I+D+i department

Consumer reviews also provide valuable marketing insights into products and experiences. This allows a brand to develop, improve and stay in touch with its customers, ambassadors and consumers.

As Chen Yue, Head of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce, PHERGAL Laboratories: ‘‘For review campaigns, we would like to get realistic views. We would like them to share their real experience. Thanks to the Review campaign, our
digital team could share real consumer feedback to our marketing and I+D+i department to make further improvements. Doing this helps to contribute to a highly functioning product development and marketing cycle.’’

These 5 key benefits together have enabled the Phergal group to boost their sales, traffic and e-reputation. Why not you? Discover all the results in figures and UGC in our full Phergal case study.

Photo credit: by Josh Rose on Unsplash


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