Léna Moreau-Deville

Léna Moreau-Deville

I'm an influence support manager in Hivency, passionate about writing, marketing and influence. I write in the Hivency blog to keep you updated on influencer marketing and its trends.

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3 min

Social networks: the 10 food trends of the moment

Omnipresent on social networks, the food sector is raging and has been around for a few years. How has this sector managed to stand out? What are the reasons fo...


4 min

How to keep your Instagram followers over time?

Posting photos on social networks is not enough to stand out. In order to maintain your followers after an influencer campaign and maintain a good engagement ra...


3 min

Sport: Choose and optimize your use of social networks

Social networks are now predominant, being on social media is no longer a question. The biggest problem is HOW to use them and optimize their use. The sport ind...


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3 min

Retail and lifestyle: how to choose and optimize social networks?

Every day, Internet users consult 2.7 social networks and messaging services. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat and blogs, it is difficul...


5 min

Food industry: how to choose the right social networks?

By 2022, 3.96 billion people will use social networks throughout the world. It is used by so many people that “having no socials” will simply not be an option. ...


3 min

Fashion brands: how to choose the right social media?

As we know, the fashion industry takes inspiration from social media. The fashion industry is huge on social media, and to be able to stand out from the heavy c...


5 min

Beauty brands: how to choose which social media to use?

Nowadays more than ever, with the sheer amount of content being spun on the web, we need to carefully choose which social media we have to use for our influence...

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