Elise from Hivency

Elise from Hivency

I create and animate Hivency's content so that influencer marketing no longer holds any secrets for you. My mission? To analyse the sector's trend-setting subjects and then translate them into simple words and current content.

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ASICS Case study: how to optimize engagement through influencer campaigns

Generating engagement on social networks is not an easy task for brands. However, it is one of the main objectives of marketers and to achieve it, many of them ...


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[Report] Zoom on Social Media: Influencer Marketing & Fashion Trends

Are you a brand in the fashion industry? Do you use influencer marketing and want to learn how to stand out from your competitors? Heuritech and Hivency platfor...


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Digital agency vs. influencer platform: find your perfect solution

Faced with the raging competition, the proliferation of fake influencers and the multitude of KPIs, it is essential to get help in this process. Two solutions a...


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How influencer platforms can help you successfully launch a campaign

Influencer platforms can be a precious aid when setting out to do influencer marketing campaigns for a variety of reasons: they help you save time, act as trust...


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5 tips to attract influencer's attention!

Influencer marketing is the all-in-one tool that will enable a brand to increase its notoriety, gain visibility and even generate more sales. Thanks to the pass...


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Micro vs. Macro Influencers: why are their relationships different?

Relationships with influencers vary according to the number of followers they have on their social networks. If you work with a micro-influencer, you will not h...


3 min

Micro influencers: today's true thought leaders

We all know opinion leaders: that colleague whose every intervention pushes the entire sector into question, that other one whose publications on LinkedIn trigg...


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Latest Instagram update: what you need to know

To combat undesirable content that collects "Like", false subscribers or promotes artificial sharing, Instagram is changing its community rules. Contrary to wha...

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