Elise d'Hivency

Elise d'Hivency

Je crée et j’anime les contenus d’Hivency pour que le marketing d’influence n’ait plus aucun secret pour vous. Ma mission ? Analyser les sujets tendances du secteur et vous faire découvrir comment réaliser les meilleures campagnes de marketing d'influence.

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3 min

Why micro influence shouldn't intimidate you

It's inexpensive and fast, and 94% of marketers consider that influencer marketing is extremely efficient. However, many of them constantly overlook micro influ...


2 min

Infographics: the influencer pyramid

For many years, celebrities were thought of as the only influencers. Nowadays, we can easily count four different types of influencers: the all-stars (celebriti...


4 min

10 signs that prove that you're ready to dive into micro influencer marketing

The time has come! You've decided you're going to promote your product or service through social media, with the aid of influencers.  Good call! We're going to ...


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3 min

The 5 main advantages of influencer marketing

Collaborating with micro influencers doesn't only mean a beautiful picture on Instagram with a decent engagement rate, don't fool yourself! Micro influence pose...


1 min

2021 G2 Winter reports are published - Hivency named as leader.

Every year, G2 helps many companies make purchasing decisions for their software. In addition to offering more than 1.2 million evaluations, G2 publishes annual...


2 min

How to identify the right influencers for your campaign?

Finding the right influencers to collaborate with is really important for any brand that wishes to launch influencer marketing campaigns. It's vital to create a...

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