Africa Aguiar

Africa Aguiar

I'm a passionate writer and marketer. I write in the Hivency blog to keep you up to date with the latest trends and help you take your marketing skills a step further!

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Planning a year-long strategy: the secret for successful campaigns

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful communication tools available nowadays, and it renders the best results when used strategically in the long ter...


2 min

Influencer campaigns 2021: key dates of the year

To obtain the best possible results with your influencer marketing campaigns 2021, the best is to plan a year-long strategy. Influence marketing is constantly e...


4 min

3 influencer marketing tools you need for successful campaigns

Nowadays, the impact influencer marketing has on consumers is such that by communicating on any social media you'll achieve reasonable success for any influence...


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3 min

Influencer Marketing: key data to know for 2021

The year 2020 has been key for influencer marketing: the sanitary crisis that has gripped the world has also changed our consuming habits, our way of communicat...


3 min

How to optimize SEO with influencer marketing?

Having a good SEO is essential for any company that wants to be visible on the Internet and boost its e-commerce. To be well referenced on Google, the content m...


5 min

TikTok Guide: how to add the new app to your influencer strategy

TikTok is, without a doubt, the star of the moment. It's the social media everyone's talking about, and this obsession is understandable if you look at the huge...


3 min

Social media shopping: the trend to watch out for in 2021

Social media apps are actively working to become centralised shopping channels for customers. For quite a few years now, social media has been indispensable to ...


3 min

Why has the Reels and TikTok video format met such a huge success?

It’s an undeniable truth : TikTok has burst into the social media scene and is here to stay, according to influencer marketing previsions for 2021. But what exa...


3 min

Nano, micro and macro influencers: what's the difference?

Influencers are officially the latest focus of brands. Influence holds an ever growing space in enterprise's marketing strategies, and many professionals have r...

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