The 6 biggest Influencer Marketing Trends of the years to come.


Advice of 15+ international experts and their predictions for 2021.


The best tips to optimize your influencer strategy.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed consumption habits, asking marketers to adapt and change the way they connect with consumers. Businesses have closed, advertising campaigns have stopped, marketing budgets have been reduced.
Across sectors and industries, marketing professionals needed to
adapt quickly to a new reality. With our predictions, analyses, figures and advice in this second edition of our yearly ebook, we give a comprehensive overview of what the future of Influencer Marketing holds.



About the author

Elise Boukhechem
Content Manager, Hivency

I create and animate Hivency's content so that influencer marketing no longer holds any secrets for you. My mission? To analyze the industry's trend-setting topics and help you discover how to create the best influencer marketing campaigns.

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